Song of Salvation

It has been over forty-five years since I received the gift of salvation. It was January 18, 1966 I was born again at six years old. My grandmother, a faithful servant of the Lord led me to Jesus. It was six weeks later she died, leaving me with no one to further my development in Christ. 

My parents allowed me to go to church, but they never went. In my tween years, I believed a lie told to me by a church leader that Jesus would never forgive me. The things that happened to me were result of my sin and God was punishing me. I was devastated because Jesus was my whole world. Religion teaches salvation by “works” and being sinless, which I was not, I could not measure up to those standards.

I ran away from everything for twenty three years, getting myself in all kinds of trouble. Slight of killing someone, I broke every commandment daily. I kept hearing Jesus calling me to come back, but I was too hurt and afraid of punishment to respond. Many years later, my world came crashing in, I was finished with this life. On the verge of suicide, in a desperate plea I called out, “If you are really there-If what the Bible says is true about a God who loves and forgives me-I need to know-once and for all!”

That was January 18, 1996-thirty years later, the Lord showed up. He confirmed to me his existence, love and forgiveness. He delivered me from my addiction to alcohol and drugs leading me by the hand showing me “His Faithfulness endures forever” as the psalmist wrote. I have never left his side, but religion did a lot of damage to me. In the last fifteen years since he has continued to teach me the truth in his word. Although I haven't lived everything perfectly, I do love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, all my mind, with all that is with in me I give Him praise. I adore his loving kindness, patience and truth. I've always known the Lord had great plans for me-now I am beginning to walk in them.


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