Some years ago, when I lived in the Sandhills of North Carolina, a lady who was moving, on the fly, so to speak, asked me to clean her house of the things she had left behind. She said that although she could not pay me, I could have anything that had been left. There were several things that I liked, and while it was not my usual fee, she needed someone to help her.

One of the things I liked was a Teapot Set. I collected Teapots back then. This one was a gray/blue color, with the sugar and creamer, all in perfect condition. I placed it with my other Teapots and admired it for several years.

One evening a man, who worked as a caretaker in the apartment complex in which I lived decided to drink some fire water. He obviously thought it was a good idea to break into my apartment, and in doing so he demolished everything in my kitchen. He turned over the hutch in which my Teapot collection was displayed. Every Teapot was broken.

After the police left, I got two boxes and on my knees began to go through the pieces to salvage anything I could. One of the boxes was for things to throw away and one for anything that I could keep. One thing I found that was not broken was the lid to the gray/blue Teapot. I said a prayer at that moment. I said, "God is there another Teapot Set like this one anywhere that You could give back to me?" I thought, "no, probably not." I started to place the lid into the throw away box. Then I thought, "maybe;" so then I started to put it into the keep box. This went back and forth several times. To myself I said, "I really didn't need to ask God for something that He maybe wouldn't or couldn't do."

My home, after having been violated made me uneasy, and so I moved to a place 60 miles North to work in a hospital laboratory. I took all my packed boxes with me, but did not open them all because I did not need all of the items.

I was on my way to Raleigh one Saturday to visit with some friends. I wasn't late and I hadn't gotten lost, it was good! Then, how did I do it? I was on a road that I did not have in my plans. I had not made a turn, not that I had noticed. Then I saw a sign that said, YARD SALE. "Oh, well," I thought, "Since I'm here, I'll just check it out."

I scanned around and on a table in the far rear I saw it! There it was! The Teapot, the creamer and the sugar bowl! Only, the Teapot had no lid to it. I tried to remember if I had decided to keep the lid. I honestly could not recall.

I paid the three dollars for the set and went to Raleigh for my appointment. Upon arriving home in Chapel Hill, I opened the boxes and YES, I had kept the lid!

I am awed by My God, Who does not forget my prayers, even when I have forgotten. God Who considers me important enough to Him to hear such a non-necessary prayer. God Who remembers that I prayed the prayer, and sees to the delivery of that for which I prayed, although in near unbelief.

I give my Teapot Testimony when I have opportunity. Tomorrow I have that opportunity again. I've had folks say to me, "Oh, it was your great faith that brought this about." How could it be my faith? I prayed almost in doubt and then forgot that I had prayed. Also I could not recall if I had saved the lid. No, this answer is the product of a loving Father.

I think that the only faith I exhibited was that I saved the lid. The rest of it God did, just for me. He does those things for all of us.

When we pray, He does not forget.

Isn't He good? Can I get a witness?

Ramona Cook, 10/18/09