Good God - Bad Decision

I had landed a job that I thought would bring joy and contentment. The Lord has whispered to me not to take it, but I didn't listen. My husband had been laid off and we really needed the income. It was the worst decision I think I had ever made. From the first day I sensed problems but I dismissed them as insecurities. It grew in intensity daily. I tried to build relationships with my co-workers and supervisor, but they had already made up their minds about my job performance. 

I was in crisis, I could not stand the atmosphere but I needed the income. I was crying out to God, but he wasn’t bringing things together the way I expected. I could hear His instruction, but I wasn't obeying. I just wanted it my way. I wanted the people at work to shut up, I wanted my husband's job restored and I wanted God to agree with me. It just wasn't happening.

Finally he got my attention and dealt with my sinful attitude that my attention was on the things of this world and not on Him. Then he spoke to my heart that I was operating out of fear and desperation and not out of faith. Although my mind didn’t think it, my heart was operating in a “works” mentality. I was trying to earn God’s favor by things I did-that’s all wrong. His love is unconditional – I was the one putting conditions on it.

I was so convicted and I immediately confessed that horrible sinful attitude. I knew I had disobeyed God by taking that job and now it was time to make it right. As soon as I made the decision to give notice at my job, I was immediately set free. It was an amazing sense of freedom. I had to place my trust in the Lord and not in my own abilities.


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I am so excited about this new website. I hope you will be inspired, blessed and encouraged. We have such an awesome God who loves us so much! I hope that you will join in and send your stories of victory in Jesus.

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Match Made in Heaven

I have been blessed to be married to my best friend for almost twenty years. Having two failed marriages, I didn’t believe that a real happy marriage was possible; in fact I had given up. I prayed one night and asked the Lord to “bring me someone who will just love me-not want something from me-not use me” It was about three or four weeks later I met my future husband.

It was like something out of a romantic novel. I was talking with some friends, when suddenly I felt the urge to look across the street. There in a mechanics bay, the sun filtered through a rear window engulfing him in light. I was amazed at that sight and had to go check it out.

While I got closer, the man who was working came to the front of the shop. Our eyes met and it was like I knew him all my life. I was too embarrassed to say anything and in a childish way giggled and left.

Through a turn of circumstances, that man I saw that day became an acquaintance, then a friend, then a trusted friend. He stood in the gap that most men would not, when it came to other people’s children. He was an excellent example of a father and friend, though he had no children of his own. We married eventually, but I believe we had always been married-a union sanctified by God long ago.


Welcome friends!

I am so excited about this new website. I hope you will be inspired, blessed and encouraged. We have such an awesome God who loves us so much! I hope that you will join in and send your stories of victory in Jesus.

Just click on the submission tab above and join in the celebration. I will post as often as I get your stories!

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Angels on the Mountain

While moving out West, earlier this year driving across country on interstate 70, I found myself in a bit of a pickle. We visited friends in Denver, Colorado for a few days and learned of a storm moving in. We made the decision to leave before the storm came in, knowing we had to go through the Eisenhower Tunned which resides at 11,158 feet above sea level. That part of interstate 70 is notorious for bad driving conditions in early spring.

It was a beautiful morning in Denver, sunny and warm as we headed out. Leaving early enough to be ahead of the storm, hoping to cross the rockies by early afternoon. Watching the road condition signs as we made our assent up the grade. No waring signs of any possible problems were posted. Just as we reached to top, the road department pulled people over checking for proper equipment. We had new tires and 4-wheel drive, they motioned us through.

We noticed more snow off the side of the road, but nothing unusual for that elevation and middle of March. Driving through the mile and three-quarter stretch on luminous tunnel, unaware of the conditions on the other side, our happy adventure was quickly becoming a potential tragedy. As we drew closer to the exit, I could see the road was not as clear as it had been on the eastern side. I slowed down to a cautious speed.

Immediately upon exiting the tunnel the road was snow caked and it was difficult to slow down in the steep decline.My heart started racing, but more than than the nerves that was coursing through my body was a praise song. I kept singing in my heart, "Oh oh praise Him, Oh oh praise Him, He is worthy my King!" a verse from a song from Easter worship.

I gripped to wheel tight and said a quick prayer for protection as my brakes didn't seem to slow us down. Seeing stopped traffic up ahead, the song played louder in my heart and I kept my focus on the Lord. The brakes finally grabbed and we were able to stop a few feet behind the stopped traffic.

Off to my right, I heard the howling of a big rig's brakes. Just as I looked, this big truck was trying to stop but was jack knifing across the road. It was a horrible sight and heading towards all the stopped traffic.I quickly said another prayer for protection and just at that moment-the driver got control of his rig.

It was still a harrowing experience for another few miles down that mountain, people passing us faster than was safe, spraying us with heavy melting snow. One time my wipers couldn't keep the windshield clear from the slush.But I kept praising God that he sent His angels to protect all of us on the mountain that morning. Not one accident happened while our group headed down, but later I heard that a big pile up happened near the area we had been on the eastern slope earlier that day.

I knew the Lord was there and kept us safe along our journey to a new home.


Welcome friends!

I am so excited about this new website. I hope you will be inspired, blessed and encouraged. We have such an awesome God who loves us so much! I hope that you will join in and send your stories of victory in Jesus.

Just click on the submission tab above and join in the celebration. I will post as often as I get your stories!

Stand firm in the blessings of God!


  By Ada Nicholson Brownell
      Wind cooled the October day I arrived on the Western Slope of Colorado and made my presence known with a lusty cry.
      Seems I'm always letting people know I'm around—but just recently, as a senior citizen, I looked back and realized my life has been a miracle, almost from the beginning.
Mom pregnant with me, my parents escaped from the Great Depression and the Kansas Dust bowl to the lush valley ringed by the Rocky Mountains, their old truck packed with a few possessions and seven children. The Colorado National Monument towered from a mammoth bosom of boulders and canyons almost on their doorstep to the south. The lush flat-topped Grand Mesa rose from Peach Country to the East; the barren book cliffs followed the remainder of the valley around to the north and west into the Utah desert.
My brothers and sisters heard my cry and peeked into the bedroom after the doctor left the house, but my oldest sister kept her distance.
“We have enough children!” Marge said, according to what everyone told me with a laugh. Marge knew every mouth to feed meant hardship, and she wouldn't look at me for a week. Somehow, I won her heart and love.
It must have been the next spring after Daddy plowed the huge garden spot where Everette, Marge and Mom, shaded with a big straw hat, dug long rows and dropped seeds into the damp soil.
They heard a wild scream from the house. Clara, one of our six redheads, could shriek so you'd hear her for miles.
“Mama! Come. Hurry!”
 Daddy and my oldest brother, Virgil, weren't home. They worked 12 hours a day shoveling coal from railroad cars into trucks for one dollar a day. 
            Joe, my 2-year-old brother, had dumped a shaker of salt into my eyes.
            Mom stormed into the house with me howling, Clara screaming and everyone crying—including Joe. With no car or money to take me to a doctor, Mom grabbed me, used her amazing wisdom, washed my eyes out, put in eye drops and prayed.
I've never had serious problems with my vision. A miracle.
            The screen door slammed often in those days, Mom popping in to breast-feed me, then hurrying back out to plant, hoe and water, leaving me to my brothers and sisters. If the tomatoes, green beans, corn and other produce didn't grow, our table, cellar and stomachs would be empty.
            In the fall a couple of years later my sister, Joan, gave me a bath in a dishpan. She always loved babies and talked to me, getting me to giggle. Then she sat me on top of the wood-burning cook stove, which didn't have a fire in it much of the summer. That day, however, it did. I still have the scars on my backside.
            I froze my feet going ice skating when I was about 10. My friends talked me into skating on the gravel pit next to the Colorado River—a long way from my house. Before I got back home, my feet had no feeling and felt like bricks tromping on the snow-packed road. I didn't want anyone to know I'd gone to the river so I immediately put my feet in hot water.  They turned black, swelled and that's when I started to pray. I couldn't wear my own shoes so everyone knew what I'd done. But, praise the Lord, I recovered and had no foot problems.
            Those are three of my earliest miracles. But there are more.  I'll tell you about a few of them sometime.
Recently at lunch with three of my brothers and their wives, the conversation went to things I've been through.
            “It's a wonder you survived,” Millie said.

Song of Salvation

It has been over forty-five years since I received the gift of salvation. It was January 18, 1966 I was born again at six years old. My grandmother, a faithful servant of the Lord led me to Jesus. It was six weeks later she died, leaving me with no one to further my development in Christ. 

My parents allowed me to go to church, but they never went. In my tween years, I believed a lie told to me by a church leader that Jesus would never forgive me. The things that happened to me were result of my sin and God was punishing me. I was devastated because Jesus was my whole world. Religion teaches salvation by “works” and being sinless, which I was not, I could not measure up to those standards.

I ran away from everything for twenty three years, getting myself in all kinds of trouble. Slight of killing someone, I broke every commandment daily. I kept hearing Jesus calling me to come back, but I was too hurt and afraid of punishment to respond. Many years later, my world came crashing in, I was finished with this life. On the verge of suicide, in a desperate plea I called out, “If you are really there-If what the Bible says is true about a God who loves and forgives me-I need to know-once and for all!”

That was January 18, 1996-thirty years later, the Lord showed up. He confirmed to me his existence, love and forgiveness. He delivered me from my addiction to alcohol and drugs leading me by the hand showing me “His Faithfulness endures forever” as the psalmist wrote. I have never left his side, but religion did a lot of damage to me. In the last fifteen years since he has continued to teach me the truth in his word. Although I haven't lived everything perfectly, I do love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, all my mind, with all that is with in me I give Him praise. I adore his loving kindness, patience and truth. I've always known the Lord had great plans for me-now I am beginning to walk in them.